Interesting Facts About Cardedeu

Cardedeu is a village located in the Cormaca of Valles Oriental, province of Barcelona and the Catalonia community in Spain. The village is situated between Montseny and Serralada Littoral near Granollers, the capital city of Valles Oriental. The village is very popular For its Medieval origin with the first reference written in the year 941. Here is a look at some interesting facts about Cardedeu. 

Strategic Communication Point Between Girona And Barcelona

Located about thirty-eight kilometers northeast of Barcelona, Cardedeu has approximately eighteen thousand inhabitants. It is located at a point historically considered as the strategic communication route between the cities of Girona and Barcelona. They are well linked by motorway and train that also directly communicates with the Barcelona airport. 

It’s A Historical Center

Cardedeu offers an ideal combination of modernity and tradition. It is a historical center that attracts thousands of tourists every year. Its surrounding still retains livestock and crops predominate the past characteristics of an inland plain.  

Cardedeu Is Still A Dynamic and Open Town

Though the majority of people refer to Cardedeu as a historical center, the town is also characterized by a large association network and modern and cultural activities. You can regularly find events such as theater, dances, exhibitions, outdoor performances, poetry, cinema, and much more like any other dynamic town.

Cardedeu Climatic Conditions

Cardedeu climate is warm and temperate with the average temperature ranging at about fifteen degrees centigrade. Even in the driest and warmest month of July, there is a great deal of rainfall in Cardedeu averaging at 698mm. The lowest temperatures are experienced in January while the biggest precipitation is experienced in October.

A Home for Many Tourist Attractions

Cardedeu has some of the most famous tourist attractions that are must visit in Cardedeu include Parc De La Serreta, Amfiteatre Serreta, Cementiri De Cardedeu, Cinema Esbarjo Cardedeu, Museu Arxiu Tomas Balvey, Center Cultural De Cardedeu, Fem Festa Cardedeu, And Karting Cardedeu. You are sure to get some of the unforgettable moments – read article on barcelona top sites to visit.


Whether you are a local or visiting Cardedeu for several days, the place is sure to have something new for you. When planning for your next vacation destination, be sure to include Cardedeu on the list.